The Environment Strategy for Scotland: vision and outcomes

Overview of the Environment Strategy for Scotland’s long-term vision and supporting outcomes.

5. Realising the vision

This strategy sets out our vision for Scotland's environment, our role in addressing global challenges, and the benefits we want to create for Scotland's wellbeing and prosperity. We live in a complex and uncertain world. It is essential that the strategy can adapt and respond to new evidence and opportunities.

To turn our vision into reality, we will develop pathways for outcomes. These will identify strategic priorities and opportunities, working with existing strategies and plans across government. We will seek to direct our collective efforts in the areas that will have the greatest impact on multiple outcomes.[36] Work will focus, in particular, on opportunities to strengthen connections between policies. We will keep these pathways under review, ensuring that implementation of our Environment Strategy is flexible and dynamic.

Our outcome pathways will be based on evidence. We have published high level summaries of evidence as knowledge accounts, which will also be maintained as living documents.

In order to measure progress, we will develop a monitoring framework for the strategy. This will set out indicators to track and report progress towards achieving the strategy outcomes. This, in turn, will guide improvements to the strategy and our approach to delivery.



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