The Environment Strategy for Scotland: vision and outcomes

Overview of the Environment Strategy for Scotland’s long-term vision and supporting outcomes.

1. Our vision

One Earth. One home. One shared future.

By 2045: By restoring nature and ending Scotland's contribution to climate change, our country is transformed for the better - helping to secure the wellbeing of our people and planet for generations to come.

Scotland's natural environment is central to our identity as a nation. It is fundamental to our health, our quality of life and our economy.

We want Scotland's nature to be resilient and abundant. We want to use its full potential to improve the wellbeing of people in Scotland - ensuring everyone can enjoy the life-supporting benefits it provides.

We share one planet and are sustained by the health of its natural systems. In Scotland, we will play our full part in responding to the global climate and nature crises - meeting our responsibilities to people across the planet and to future generations. We will be innovators and work collaboratively with others to develop solutions to global problems.

Through our work, our country will be transformed for the better. Our natural environment will be restored and resilient to whatever the future may bring. Our net zero, circular economy will be inclusive and sustainable, providing opportunities for all to prosper. We will have reduced the global impact of our consumption. And we will have supported the creation of an economy that thrives while securing wellbeing for our people and our planet.



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