Environment strategy for Scotland: progress report

The first annual report to Parliament on progress in developing the Environment Strategy for Scotland, as required under the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Act 2021.


1. The Environment Strategy for Scotland: vision and outcomes

2. Environment Strategy: initial monitoring framework

3. Environment Strategy: monitoring framework website

4. World Economic Forum: Global Risks Report 2022

5. State of Nature Scotland Report 2019

6. Leaders' Pledge For Nature

7. Edinburgh Declaration on post-2020 biodiversity framework

8. Scottish biodiversity strategy post-2020: statement of intent

9. Including Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Protection Areas (SPA), Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and Ramsar wetland sites.

10. Scottish Government and Scottish Green Party: draft shared policy programme

11. Deer Working Group recommendations: Scottish Government response

12. Scottish Government Nature Restoration Fund

13. North-East Atlantic Environment Strategy 2030

14. OSPAR is the mechanism by which 15 Governments & the EU cooperate to protect the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic

15. Marine Scotland - Nature Conservation Strategy, 2013

16. UK Marine Strategy

17. Scottish Wild Salmon Strategy

18. Marine litter strategy: consultation

19. Litter strategy - five years on: review

20. Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 - Towards a Better Place for Everyone

21. SEPA Water Classification Hub

22. Investment Programme - Scottish Water

23. The River Basin Management Plan for Scotland 2021 - 2027

24. Improving Urban Waters - Route Map

25. A National Test Programme to start transforming agriculture in Scotland

26. Farming for a Better Climate: Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group

27. 4 per 1000 initiative

28. Glasgow Climate Pact

29. COP26: First Minister's statement - 16 November 2021

30. Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019

31. Securing a green recovery on a path to net zero: climate change plan 2018–2032 - update

32. Climate Change Committee: progress reducing emissions in Scotland 2021 report to Parliament

33. Climate Change Plan: monitoring reports - 2021 compendium

34. Climate Ready Scotland: climate change adaptation programme 2019-2024

35. Climate change - adaptation programme: progress report 2021

36. UK Climate Risk

37. IPCC Report - Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

38. Is Scotland climate ready? - 2022 Report to Scottish Parliament - Climate Change Committee

39. Global resources outlook 2019 report

40. Scotland's Material Flow Accounts

41. Deposit Return Scheme | Circularity Scotland Ltd

42. Including expanded polystyrene cups and food containers, single-use plastic stirrers, plastic cutlery, straws, balloon sticks and plastic plates

43. Food waste reduction: action plan

44. Scotland's National Strategy for Economic Transformation

45. Just Transition - A Fairer, Greener Scotland: Scottish Government response

46. Nature-based jobs and skills for net zero - an initial assessment

47. Scottish National Investment Bank

48. £1 billion challenge route map

49. Infrastructure Investment Plan

50. Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan 2020-2025

51. State of Nature Scotland Report 2019

52. Sustainable and regenerative farming - next steps: statement

53. Scotland's Forestry Strategy 2019–2029

54. Scotland's Forestry Strategy Implementation Plan 2020-2022

55. The Economics of Biodiversity The Dasgupta Review: Headline Messages

56. What matters for our sense of purpose? - What Works Wellbeing

57. Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 - Towards a Better Place for Everyone

58. Food Standards Scotland: Nutritional advice - Healthy eating

59. Food for Life Scotland

60. Local food strategy consultation launched

61. Good Food Nation Bill Introduced

62. Zero Waste Scotland: Food waste - the environmental impact - how to waste less

63. Food Standards Scotland: the Scottish diet - it needs to change

64. Health benefits of exercise | NHS inform

65. The Benefits of Exercising in Nature - Woodland Trust

66. A Fairer, Greener Scotland - Programme for Government 2021/22

67. Journeys by active travel | National Performance Framework

68. Sustainable travel and the National Transport Strategy | Transport Scotland

69. A Fairer, Greener Scotland - Programme for Government 2021/22

70. Developing an Approach to Monitoring the Health and Well-Being Benefits of Visits to Scotland's Forests - Forest Research

71. Home | clearyourhead.scot

72. NatureScot Research Report 1289 - Enjoying the Outdoors - Monitoring the impact of Coronavirus and social distancing - Wave 3 survey results (September 2021) | NatureScot

73. Natural England: Is it nice outside? - Consulting people living with dementia and their carers about engaging with the natural environment

74. Scotland's People and Nature Survey - The benefits associated with visiting the outdoors

75. Outdoor Learning (education.gov.scot)

76. A summary of learning for sustainability resources | Learning resources | National Improvement Hub

77. Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence

78. Just Transition: A Fairer, Greener Scotland

79. About – Path Skillz

80. Learning for Sustainability - Vision 2030 Action Plan

81. Public Engagement Strategy for Climate Change

82. Social Inequalities in Environmental Resources of Green and Blue Spaces: A Review of Evidence in the WHO European Region

83. Warmer Homes Scotland - Home Energy Scotland

84. Food waste: The environmental impact | How to Waste Less

85. Free sanitary products project extended in Scotland - FareShare

86. Draft National Planning Framework 4 - Scottish Government - Citizen Space

87. Public Health Scotland published a report in January 2022 on the health and health inequality impacts of the SG target for a 20% reduction in car km by 2030. It concluded that a place-based approach will be needed both to support the target and to help realise health benefits.

88. Supporting documents - Open Space Strategies and Play Sufficiency Assessments Regulations: consultation - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

89. Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 (legislation.gov.uk)

90. The place and wellbeing outcomes, focussing on five themes (movement, space, stewardship, resources and civic) underpinned by the principles of equity, net zero and sustainability.

91. Achieving a sustainable future: regeneration strategy

92. Public Health Scotland are currently piloting a climate lens for the Place Standard Tool, aiming to enable communities to discuss the future of their place taking the climate change impacts on health and wellbeing into account.

93. Scotland's Material Flow Accounts

94. Achieving a sustainable future: regeneration strategy

95. Net Zero Nation: Public Engagement Strategy

96. Trade: our vision

97. Fossil fuel energy sector overseas - trade promotion support: policy

98. Global Citizenship: Scotland's International Development Strategy

99. Climate Justice Fund

100. Summary Report on the Review of Scottish Government's International Development Programme in light of COVID-19

101. Glasgow Climate Pact

102. Under2 Coalition

103. Edinburgh Declaration on post-2020 global biodiversity framework

104. Scotland and the sustainable development goals: a national review to drive action

105. Contribution of the Environment Strategy vision and outcomes to National Outcomes and UN Sustainable Development Goals


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