Ending the sale of peat: consultation

We are consulting on ending the sale of peat in Scotland. Responses to this consultation will inform plans and timescales for moving away from using peat products in order to protect peatlands from further damage. Their protection and restoration form important components of our Climate Change Plan.

Impact on businesses

We want to develop a deeper understanding of how ending the sale of peat might affect industry, particularly professional horticulture, so that we can support a swift transition. We recognise that this will be easier for some sectors than others and we would like to hear from any parts of the industry that might face transitional challenges so we can consider measures that might ease transition, such as time-limited exemptions.

We appreciate the complexity of supply chains for peat-containing products and will work with industry and other UK administrations to find ways to minimise burden for businesses where we can.

Defra have recently carried out an assessment on the effects of banning the sale of peat for horticulture with the intention that this would be relevant for all UK nations. That UK level impact assessment is available here Consultation Impact Assessment Ending the Retail Sale of Peat in Horticulture in England and Wales.pdf (defra.gov.uk) and we would encourage respondents to consider its contents. However, further to this, we want to consider specific effects on Scottish businesses to support them as best we can. We are working to gain relevant data to enable us to undertake a Scotland-focussed Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) that will examine what effects banning the sale of peat in Scotland might have on Scottish businesses.


Email: horticultural.peat@gov.scot

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