Ending the sale of peat: consultation

We are consulting on ending the sale of peat in Scotland. Responses to this consultation will inform plans and timescales for moving away from using peat products in order to protect peatlands from further damage. Their protection and restoration form important components of our Climate Change Plan.

Our pledge

We have pledged to develop policy on banning the sale of peat-related gardening products, as part of our wider commitment to phase out the use of peat in horticulture (2021-22 Programme for Government). Our overall aim is to protect peatlands and preserve the ecosystem services they can offer, not least their role in capturing and storing carbon, thereby contributing to Scotland's transition to Net Zero by 2045. Whilst horticulture is the main end use of extracted peat, we need to consider all uses of peat, and the impact of its extraction on peatlands, in order to develop effective policy.


Email: horticultural.peat@gov.scot

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