Education (Scotland) Bill: business and regulatory impact assessment

The business and regulatory impact assessment (BRIA) for the Education (Scotland) Bill.

Implementation and Delivery Plan

It is anticipated that Qualifications Scotland and the office of HM Chief Inspector of Education in Scotland will be established once the Education (Scotland) Bill has been passed, expected in autumn 2025. However, this is subject to Parliamentary processes, commencement of provisions, transition and subsequent issues that may arise.

Delivery and governance arrangements are in place to support implementation and provide assurance to the education reform programme. This includes the aspects of the new education bodies covered by the Bill and the broader work required to design services, develop culture, and transition from existing organisations.

The education reform programme governance structures include a Ministerial group chaired by the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills and a Programme Board chaired by the Senior Responsible Officer for the education reform programme. Membership of the Ministerial group includes independent experts and professional advisors. Membership of the Programme Board includes Scottish Government officials, the Confederation of Scottish Local Authorities and the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland as well as experts, professional advisors and individuals working across Scottish education, ensuring insights, assurance and challenge on the delivery of the new organisations.

The Education (Scotland) Bill is the legislative basis for establishing the new body and office, and as such decisions around their operational set-up, organisational structures, services and products, procedures and corporate and administrative activities are in development in parallel to the passage of the Bill through Parliament. The Scottish Government will continue to engage with key partners and stakeholders on this as the work progresses, including the existing bodies and the range of businesses impacted by reform.



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