Education (Scotland) Bill: business and regulatory impact assessment

The business and regulatory impact assessment (BRIA) for the Education (Scotland) Bill.

Digital Impact Test

The Bill will establish Qualifications Scotland as a Non-Departmental Public Body and establish a new officeholder in the Scottish Administration: the HM Chief Inspector of Education. Statutory functions will be conferred on the Chief Inspector and the Chief Inspector will lead a new independent education inspectorate which will provide autonomy in its decision making and how it goes about its operations.

The broad functions being provided within the Bill should not restrict either Qualifications Scotland or HM Chief Inspector of Education in responding to digital and technological advances or changes. While the Bill will not impose any digital or technological change, the implementation of the Bill and the creation of Qualifications Scotland and the new inspectorate will expressly take into account the digital environment. There is a clear vision that the new bodies will be digital by default. For any digital developments that may impact the new bodies, it will be for them to determine how they will respond and adapt to this and assess the impacts on individuals of any changes.



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