Economic impacts for Scottish and UK seafood industries post-Brexit: report

The report presents findings from research examining the possible impacts of EU exit on Scottish and UK seafood industries.

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Seafood Trade Modelling Research Project - Assessing the Impact of Alternative Fish Trade Agreements Post EU-Exit

Final Report

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Marine Scotland

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April 2018

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S.F. Walmsley

N.J. Frost

S.C. Hull

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ABPmer, InterAnalysis & Vivid Economics (2018). Seafood Trade Modelling Research Project - Assessing the Impact of Alternative Fish Trade Agreements Post EU-Exit, Final Report, ABPmer Report No.
A report produced by ABPmer for Marine Scotland, April 2018.

Contributing Authors

S.F. Walmsley (ABPmer), M. Gasiorek (InterAnalysis), R. Smale (Vivid Economics), C.A. Roberts (ABPmer), J. Rollo (InterAnalysis), I. Pozas Franco (Vivid Economics).

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