Draft Sectoral Marine Plans for Offshore Renewable Energy in Scottish Waters: Socio - Economic Assesment

The study reported here provides a high level socio-economic appraisal of the potential costs and benefits to activities that may arise as a result of offshore wind, wave or tidal development within the Draft Plan Options as part of possible future Scotti


%: per cent

£: pound(s)

ABPmer: ABP Marine Environmental Research

CAA: Civil Aviation Authority

CCS: Carbon Capture and Storage

CFP: Common Fisheries Policy

DIO: Defence Infrastructure Organisation

EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment

GES: Government Economic Service

GHG: Greenhouse Gas

GSR: Government Social Research

GVA: Gross Value Added

GW: Gigawatt(s)

IMO: International Maritime Organisation

I-O: Input-Output

k: thousand

km: kilometre(s)

km 2: square kilometre(s)

m: metre(s)

m: million

MPA: Marine Protected Area

MaRS: Marine Resource System

MSY: Maximum Sustainable Yield

MW: Megawatt(s)

N: North

NATS: National Air Traffic Service

NE: North East

nm: nautical mile(s)

NW: North West

O&M: Operations and Maintenance

OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

OfTW: Offshore Transmission Work

p.a.: per annum

PV: Present Value

PAG: Project Advisory Group

PSG: Project Steering Group

RPI: Retail Prices Index

RPA: Risk & Policy Analysts

RYA: Royal Yachting Association

SG: Scottish Government

SORER: Scottish Offshore Renewable Energy Region

SSE: Scottish and Southern Energy

SIC: Standard Industrial Classification

SW: South West

UK: United Kingdom

VMS: Vessel Monitoring System

W: West

WOMS: West Orkney Middle South

WOS: West Orkney South


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