Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan

We are consulting on this draft route map of actions we will take to deliver a flourishing net zero energy system that supplies affordable, resilient and clean energy to Scotland’s workers, households, communities and businesses.

Annex J - Support for the energy supply chain

Low Carbon Manufacturing Challenge Fund

The Low Carbon Manufacturing Challenge Fund is for any company with a manufacturing base in Scotland that wishes to pursue business growth by developing low carbon products, processes or services. This may be achieved through pure research and development (R&D), capital investment or environmental aid support.

SMART Grants

SMART:SCOTLAND is a research and development (R&D) grant for small and medium-sized businesses that aims to support high risk, highly ambitious projects. It covers conducting feasibility studies to show how ideas could work in the real world and supports activities that have a commercial endpoint.

Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service

The Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) helps businesses across the manufacturing supply chain become more productive, profitable, and competitive.

Hydrogen Supply Chain Support

As outlined in the Hydrogen Action Plan, together with our Enterprise Agencies, trade associations and other relevant stakeholders, we will explore the requirement for an online tool to ensure that companies have clear visibility and access to information about upcoming hydrogen projects in order to maximise the potential for Scottish content.

Scottish Hydrogen Innovation Network

Not yet in place but is trailed in the Hydrogen Action Plan. This project will provide an overarching framework for Scotland's growing portfolio of hydrogen innovation assets. It will enable collaboration between those assets and help to enhance Scotland's international hydrogen innovation reputation by showcasing all that we have to offer in one place. It will also provide additional personnel resource to boost industry engagement. This would enable inward investment into hydrogen technologies, innovative technologies and develop expertise in Scotland.

Mapping of hydrogen supply chain companies

Not yet in place but is trailed in Hydrogen Action Plan. Detailed supply chain database with clear taxonomy so that we are able to identify who to work with on what, share information on events, projects and offer other support.

Mapping of hydrogen companies/ brokerage events

Detailed supply chain database with clear taxonomy so that we are able to identify who to work with on what, share information on events, projects and offer other support. An example event can be found here.

Offshore Wind Expert Support

Offshore Wind Expert Support (OWES) helps businesses identify relevant opportunities in the offshore wind sector and develop a market entry strategy to target these opportunities.

DeepWind Offshore Wind Cluster

The main purpose of the DeepWind cluster is to help its members achieve greater benefits from the current and future development of offshore wind in the UK and internationally.

Forth & Tay Offshore Wind Cluster

Forth and Tay Offshore works on behalf of members to promote the capabilities of companies and organisations in the offshore wind sector and to assist them in accessing new opportunities.

Zero Emissions Mobility Innovation Fund - ZEMIF

Scottish Enterprise and Transport Scotland have developed ZEMIF to support Scottish based businesses to scale the manufacture of prototype zero emission niche and HDV components, systems and vehicles through research and development activities.

Green Heat Innovation Support Programme (GHISP)

GHISP offers a range of capital, research and development, European Union and targeted procurement. This £17.6 m programme, supported by Scottish Government, is designed to assist companies to expand, diversify or invest in Scotland.

Green Heat Hub Grand Challenge (GHHGC)

The GHHGC is an innovative approach to developing a new "Heat Hub" for Scotland, addressing industry requests in the SG Heat Pump Industry Expert Advisory Group. The aim being to develop Scotland as a key location for green heat manufacturing.

Green Heat Accelerator

The Green Heat Accelerator is an immersive three month intensive programme of support for a cohort of small or start-up companies developing new products and services for green heat.


HeatSource has been developed to bring the green heat supply chain together and support knowledge transfer, raise awareness of the market opportunities and signpost to support.

Offshore Wind Cluster Builder

The Offshore Wind Cluster Builder works with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Scotland to promote opportunities and address challenges in the offshore wind sector.

Wave Energy Scotland (WES)

The WES technology programme has funded 120 contracts, committed £50 million and been involved with 300 organisations from across 18 different countries. These projects are developing wave devices, sub-systems and components, as well as leading the way in advanced control systems. A number of programmes are already complete, but quick connections and control systems programmes are in progress.

Clean Energy Transition Partnership

The Clean Energy Technology Partnership is a transformative research, development and innovation programme designed to accelerate clean energy transition through annual funding calls. It is an international collaboration involving 32 countries, over 50 agencies, and supported via the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme. The Scottish consortium (SE, SOSE, HIE and SG) will allocate up to £6 million for offshore power breakthrough technologies, storage, heating and cooling, industrial energy systems and built environment.


Email: energystrategy@gov.scot

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