Diversity in the teaching profession: annual data report

Third edition of an annual publication which collates and reports data relating to the ethnic diversity of the teaching profession in Scotland in order to inform future policy development and delivery.


1. Teaching in a Diverse Scotland

2. Race equality framework and action plan - Race equality

3. In 2011 Census, 84% of Scotland's population reported their ethnicity as "White Scottish" and a further 8% as "White: Other British". Minority ethnic groups accounted for 4% of the population. The 4% population figure does not include Irish, White: Polish, White: Gypsy/Traveller and "White: Other white"

4. Teaching in a Diverse Scotland - 3 years on

5. Teaching profession - diversity: annual data report - March 2021

6. School education statistics

7. Anti-racist employment strategy - A Fairer Scotland for All

8. Anti-racist employment strategy - appendixes Page 60.


Email: emma.bunting@gov.scot

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