Diversity in the teaching profession: annual data report

Third edition of an annual publication which collates and reports data relating to the ethnic diversity of the teaching profession in Scotland in order to inform future policy development and delivery.

2. Key Findings

Employed Teachers

  • A small increase in the number of minority ethnic teachers within Scotland's schools from 945 in 2021 to 980 in 2022 (1.8% of the workforce).
  • A higher proportion of ethnic minority teachers in the secondary sector, 2.3% of the workforce, than in the primary sector, 1.2% of the workforce.
  • Minority ethnic teachers are less represented in promoted posts compared to the profession as a whole, with fewer than 1% of teachers in promoted posts identifying as being from a minority ethnic background.

New Teachers

  • A higher proportion of new teachers coming into the profession from minority ethnic backgrounds, compared to the overall teacher population. In 2022, 3.6% of secondary probationary teachers and 2.2% of primary probationary teachers came from minority ethnic backgrounds.
  • A lower proportion of ethnic minority probationers finding employment after finishing their probationary year compared to the whole probationer population. From the 2021/22 Teacher Induction Scheme cohort, 23% of secondary school probationers from an ethnic minority background found permanent employment in their first year of teaching. This is lower than the probationer cohort as a whole, which saw 50% of secondary probationers finding permanent employment.

Initial Teacher Education

  • The representation of ethnic minorities in entrants and qualifiers within Initial Teacher Education (ITE) has, overall, increased slightly over the past six years between 2016-17 and 2021-22.
  • In 2021-22, 165 or 4.5% of UK-domiciled entrants to ITE programmes at Scottish HEIs came from ethnic minority backgrounds. This is noticeably higher than 2016-17 when only 2.7% of UK-domiciled entrants were from an ethnic minority background.
  • There were 110 UK-domiciled qualifiers from ITE programmes at Scottish HEIs from an ethnic minority background in 2021-22. This represents 3.5%, an increase from 2.7% in 2016-17.

Ethnicity Data Disclosure

  • In 2022 the number of teachers in Scotland choosing 'unknown' as their ethnicity on the Teacher Census had reduced from 4% in 2021 to 3%. This trend was the same within ITE where 1.3% of qualifiers and 0.7% of entrants were recorded as having an 'unknown' ethnicity, this was down from over 2% in 2021.

What is needed to meet the 2030 target?

  • The target of achieving at least 4% of teachers identifying as being minority ethnic by 2030 remains highly ambitious. To meet the target, it is broadly estimated that around 10% of all new teachers until 2030 will need to come from an ethnic minority group. This compares to around 3% that currently come from an ethnic minority group.


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