Publication - Impact assessment

Deposit return scheme for Scotland: business and regulatory impact assessment

Final Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA), which is a development of the partial BRIA published in June 2018 and the full BRIA published in July 2019.

12.0 Implementation and Delivery Plan

277. Consistent with the principle of producer responsibility, Scottish Ministers have placed responsibility for delivery of DRS with those involved in the supply and operation of Scotland’s drinks market. A final commencement date of 1 July 2022 is included in the Regulations to establish the scheme and it is at that point that DRS will be considered fully operational.

278. Scottish Ministers will be able to assess applications for the approval of scheme administrators shortly after the Regulations are passed by Parliament. Any prospective scheme administrator is required to submit an operational plan describing how they intend to meet their legal obligations relating to DRS.

279. Ministers will be able to grant an exemption for retailers who would otherwise be obligated to operate a return point from January 2021 (although the Scottish Ministers intend to accept prospective applications before then). Producers will be able to register with SEPA to join the scheme (either directly or through their scheme administrator) from 1 January 2022.

280. The Regulations require producers to collect a target percentage of the scheme packaging which they place on the market in a calendar year; this target will increase over the first three years of the scheme’s operation (70% in year 1, 80% in year 2 and 90% in year 3).