Criteria for the Healthcare Retail Standard

Document details the criteria, rationale and scope of the Healthcare Retail Standard for all retail providers operating in the NHS in Scotland.

SGF Healthcare Retail Standard Criteria

12. The HRS differs from the regular SGF Healthy Living Programme in that it consists of specific criteria:

  • Provision Criteria - to ensure that any retail outlet in a healthcare building provides a range of food items that are not high in fat, salt and sugar. The general principle is that 50% of food items (and 70% of drinks) must meet the Provision Criteria shown at Annex A.
  • Promotions Criteria for Individual Products - for individual food items/products that the Scottish population should be eating more of ( e.g. fruit and vegetables) and should be promoted. Of the items that meet the above Provision Criteria, only those that meet the Promotion Criteria at Annex A may be promoted. This includes special deals ( e.g. price or quantity discounts) and prominent in-store placement ( e.g. at the till). Promotion Criteria are shown at Annex A. Please refer to the Scottish Grocer's Federation ( SGF) Healthy Living Programme's Practical Guide for Retailers for different types of promotions.
  • Promotions Criteria for Meal Deals - All meal deals must contain only options in accordance with the Promotion Criteria in Annex A. Meal deals should follow the following guiding principles:
    • Meals should preferably be based around starchy carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, rice and pasta;
    • Meals should contain a portion of fruit and/or vegetables; and
    • Items included should not be high in fats, salt or sugars.

13. It should be noted that the criteria do not apply to non-food items. In addition, the criteria allow retailers some scope to stock items that do not meet any criteria, as illustrated in the example diagram below:

At least 50% of food for retail must meet the Provision Criteria (some of this will also meet the Promotion Criteria and may be promoted). No more than 50% of food for retail can fail to meet the Provision Criteria (none of this food may be promoted). Non-food items


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