Criteria for the Healthcare Retail Standard

Document details the criteria, rationale and scope of the Healthcare Retail Standard for all retail providers operating in the NHS in Scotland.


5. The criteria in this document apply to all retail outlets (including trolley services) as defined in the box below in healthcare buildings in Scotland, whether the outlet or hospital is run by the voluntary, private or public sector. It does not apply to catering outlets although mixed outlets with a significant retail element will be expected to attain the HRS as well as the Healthyliving Award (see related text in the following section).

6. The HRS applies only to those retail outlets within healthcare buildings. Retailers interested in joining the Healthy Living Programme for shops outside healthcare buildings should view for more information.

7. For this paper a 'healthcare building' is any facility where medical care or healthcare administration is provided under the auspices of NHS Scotland.

8. The HRS does not apply to any vending operation. Vending operations should follow criteria laid down under the Healthyliving Award plus.

9. The criteria contained in this paper serve as a minimum requirement. Boards are free to apply stricter criteria in line with local policies if they wish.

10. This document will be used for the main rollout of the Healthcare Retail Standard. It is scheduled for review after April 2018.


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