Criminal justice social work statistics in Scotland: 2016-17

A national statistics publication for Scotland.

Table 26 Reason for not meeting timescales for drug treatment and testing orders: 2016-17

First direct contact more than 1 working day after order imposed Percentage
Offender did not turn up 38.1
Offender ill 5.9
Offender in custody 4.2
Currently on order or supervision 0.8
Other: client based 11.9
Social worker not available 6.8
Other: non-client based 32.2
First case management meeting more than 5 working days after order imposed
Offender did not turn up 48.7
Offender ill 5.3
Offender in custody 9.2
Currently on order or supervision 1.3
Other: client based 14.5
Social worker not available 3.9
Other: non-client based 17.1

Notes: Figures include DTTO IIs piloted in the City of Edinburgh, Midlothian and East Lothian areas since June 2008. The first case management meeting involves clarifying requirements and expectations, and drawing up a case management plan. Orders transferred from other jurisdictions are not included.


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