Criminal justice social work statistics in Scotland: 2016-17

A national statistics publication for Scotland.

Table 18 Reason for not meeting timescales for starting community payback order work placement: 2016-17

Reason for work placement starting later than 7 working days after order imposed Percentage
Offender did not turn up for first day of placement 25.1
Currently on order or supervision 12.4
Offender in custody 1.8
First direct contact occurred late 3.8
Offender ill 4.2
Offender undertaking paid employment 4.6
Suitable work not available 2.8
Other: client based 23.8
Suitable social work staff not available 2.8
Other: non-client based 18.5

Note: This table does not include information for some local authorities. Orders transferred from other jurisdictions are not included.


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