Criminal Justice Social Work Statistics 2011-12

This statistical bulletin presents national level information on activity relating to community penalties in Scotland, including Criminal Justice Social Work Reports and “social work orders” - made up of Community Payback Orders (CPOs), the predecessors to CPOs (Community Service Orders, Probation Orders and Supervised Attendance Orders) and Drug Treatment & Testing Orders.

Table 12 Terminations of Community Payback Orders by Reason, 2011-12: Number and Per cent of Terminations

Reason for termination Terminations
Total 2,616
Order Successfully Completed 1,744
Early Discharge 57
Revoked due to Review 104
Revoked due to Breach 436
Transfer out of Area 112
Death 31
Other 132
Per cent
Total 100.0
Order Successfully Completed 66.7
Early Discharge 2.2
Revoked due to Review 4.0
Revoked due to Breach 16.7
Transfer out of Area 4.3
Death 1.2
Other 5.0


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