Criminal Justice Social Work Statistics 2011-12

This statistical bulletin presents national level information on activity relating to community penalties in Scotland, including Criminal Justice Social Work Reports and “social work orders” - made up of Community Payback Orders (CPOs), the predecessors to CPOs (Community Service Orders, Probation Orders and Supervised Attendance Orders) and Drug Treatment & Testing Orders.

Table 6 Number of CPO requirements issued, 2011-12

(see notes 1 & 2)

Requirement Number of
Unpaid work or other activity 7,776
Offender supervision 6,382
Conduct 2,360
Programme 809
Alcohol treatment 536
Compensation 350
Drug treatment 236
Mental health treatment 74
Residence 51
Restricted movement 2
As a percentage of orders imposed in 2011-12(1,2):
Unpaid work or other activity 76.0
Offender supervision 62.4
Conduct 23.1
Programme 7.9
Alcohol treatment 5.2
Compensation 3.4
Drug treatment 2.3
Mental health treatment 0.7
Residence 0.5
Restricted movement 0.0

1. Includes all requirements issued in 2011-12, even if they were newly issued after the initial imposition of the order.
2. Where an amendment is made to a requirement in 2011-12, in the period after the original imposition of the order, this is not included.


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