Criminal Justice Social Work Statistics 2011-12

This statistical bulletin presents national level information on activity relating to community penalties in Scotland, including Criminal Justice Social Work Reports and “social work orders” - made up of Community Payback Orders (CPOs), the predecessors to CPOs (Community Service Orders, Probation Orders and Supervised Attendance Orders) and Drug Treatment & Testing Orders.

Table 7 Number of CPOs commenced by when first direct contact and first induction/ case management meeting took place, 2011-12: Number and Per cent

Timescale Number of
Percentage in each
category (where
information known /
Total CPOs commenced 10,228 100.0
When first direct contact took place (compared with
the date the order was imposed):
Same working day 6,456 67.7
Not on the same working day but within 1 working day 863 9.1
More than 1 but within 5 working days 1,255 13.2
Longer than 5 working days 961 10.1
Not known / not applicable(1) 693
When first induction / case management meeting(2)
with responsible officer / case manager took place
(compared with the date the order was imposed):
Within 5 working days 7,484 82.7
More than 5 but within 10 working days 833 9.2
Longer than 10 working days 734 8.1
Not known / not applicable(1) 1,177

1. "Not known / not applicable" includes orders where the client did not (or was unable to) comply with the order and also orders which were transferred in from another local authority area or country.
2. The "first induction/case management meeting" is in line with the National Outcomes and Standards and is the meeting which begins the induction/case management process (clarifying health and safety procedures, roles, requirements, purposes, expectations and case management plan etc.).


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