Coronavirus (COVID-19) and society: what matters to people in Scotland?

Findings from an open free text survey taken to understand in greater detail how the pandemic has changed Scotland.


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3 Please note, not everyone completed each question. See Annex B for a more detailed breakdown of the sample and responses. For information on how this sample compares to Scotland’s population see the census website Population | Scotland's Census (

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10 Note again that the survey was carried out in late January to mid-February 2022, with greater easing of restrictions taking place in April 2022. Coronavirus in Scotland - (

11 Similarly, University College London’s COVID-19 Social Study found that more people were worried about their finances (38%), than about catching COVID-19 (33%) when asked in March 2022. Worries about finances outstrip concerns about catching Covid-19 | UCL News - UCL – University College London

12 Research found that disabled people, those on low incomes and women were more likely to report that they find it harder to ‘bounce back’ from hard times. Coronavirus (COVID-19): impact on wellbeing - survey findings - (

13 Long COVID or post-COVID-19 syndrome is when symptoms continue or new symptoms develop in the weeks or months after the COVID-19 infection has gone. Long COVID | Your COVID Recovery (

14 The Scottish Government has since announced on 19 May 2022 a long COVID Support Fund across 2022 which includes care co-ordinator roles, extra resource to support a patient-centred assessment, including a multi-disciplinary assessment service, and additional capacity for community rehabilitation to support people with issues affecting their day-to-day quality of life. £3 million awarded to long COVID projects - (



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