Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scotland's Strategic Framework update - June 2021

Sets out how and why our COVID-19 response strategy will change in light of new conditions and what a move beyond Level 0 will look like.

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1. This has since been supported by two further publications – the timetable for easing the current restrictions and the revised Protection Levels which set out indicative dates for when Scotland would move down the Protection Levels, and what people and business could and could not do at each level.

2. S1236_Eighty-nineth_SAGE.pdf (

3. We explain the use of Four Harms in a detailed evidence paper published in December 2020 [Coronavirus (COVID-19): framework for decision making - assessing the four harms - (]

4. Coronavirus (COVID-19): modelling the epidemic - (

5. Re-mobilise, Recover, Re-design: the framework for NHS Scotland - (

6. Coronavirus (COVID-19) protective measures: indicators and data - (

7. First Minister's statement (26 May 2021)

8. COVID-19 support study: experiences of and compliance with self-isolation

9. Opinion polling for Scottish Government; online survey with sample of 1026 adults 18+; representative of population in Scotland, fieldwork 1-3 June 2021.

10. Workplace compliance self-assessment tool.

11. SportScotland COVID-19 e-Learning training module.

12. Priorities for Government statement (26 May 2021).

13. Recovery Trial

14. See Publications Scotland NHS

15. Eighty-ninth SAGEmeetingonCOVID-19, 13 May 2021

16. Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network / National Institute for Health and Care Excellence / Royal College of General Practitioners

17. NHS Inform advice on Long COVID

18. Further information can be found at Long COVID Call – Chief Scientist Office (

19. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mental Health – Transition and Recovery Plan (8 October 2021)

20. Re-mobilise, Recover, Re-design: the framework for NHS Scotland – (

21. Coronavirus (COVID-19): hospital visiting guidance – (

22. Open with Care - supporting meaningful contact in care homes: guidance - (

23. Equalities Action Plan

24. Education Recovery: next steps (3 June 2021)

25. If Not Now, When? The Social Renewal Advisory Board Report (January 2021)

26. Social Renewal Advisory Board: our response (23 March 2021)

27. Information on the range of funds we have put in place to support businesses can be found at: Coronavirus (COVID-19): business support funds – (

28. Sustainable economic recovery – (

29. We are Scotland | One Scotland

30. National Performance Framework | National Performance Framework



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