Restricting promotions of food and drink high in fat, sugar or salt: consultation

The consultation closes on 23 September 2022. If you are unable to respond by then, please contact us and complete and send the respondent information form (see supporting documents) to Responses received up to 30 September will be accepted and included in the analysis of this consultation.

Annex B - Key publications

May 2022 Economic modelling: reducing health harms of foods high in fat, sugar or salt, SRUC/University of Aberdeen

May 2022 Restricting Multi-Buy Price Promotions on High Fat, Sugar or Salt Discretionary Foods: Summary of SRUC Analysis on Potential Calorie and Nutrient Intake Impact, Scottish Government

April 2022 Restricting promotions of products high in fat, sugar or salt by location and by volume price: implementation guidance, UK Government

March 2022 Exploring the impact of COVID-19 on retail purchase and price promotion in Scotland between 2019 and 2020, Food Standards Scotland

March 2022 Exploring the impact of COVID-19 on eating patterns and behaviours inside the home in Scotland, Food Standards Scotland

February 2022 Estimation of food and nutrient intakes from food purchase data in Scotland between 2001 and 2018, Food Standards Scotland

December 2021 The Food (Promotion and Placement) (England) Regulations 2021, UK Government

September 2021 Systematic review: The Impact of Non-Price In-premise Marketing on Food and Beverage Purchasing and Consumer Behaviour, Public Health Scotland

October 2020 The Scottish Diet - It needs to change 2020 update, Food Standards Scotland

August 2020 Monitoring retail purchase and price promotions in Scotland (2014 - 2018), Food Standards Scotland

May 2019 Rapid systematic literature review: Impact of in-premise marketing on consumer purchasing and consumption, NHS Health Scotland

October 2018 Methodologies for identifying foods high in fat, sugar and salt for limiting marketing and promotions, NHS Health Scotland

September 2018 Briefing on Discretionary Foods, Food Standards Scotland

October 2017 Rapid evidence review: The impact of promotions on high fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) food and drink on consumer purchasing and consumption behaviour and the effectiveness of retail environment interventions, NHS Health Scotland

October 2015 Sugar Reduction: The evidence for action, Public Health England



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