Consultation regarding the redraw of Data Zones

This consultation contains proposals for the redraw of Data Zones

14. Overview

  • 2011 Data Zones have been built up from 2011 Census Output Areas, which in turn have been built up from 2011 Postcodes;
  • Data Zones are aligned to Local Authority boundaries;
  • Where the population of a Data Zone has grown or shrunk significantly, it has been split into two or more areas, or merged with a neighbouring Data Zone;
  • Where a muti-extent Data Zone has been created in the best-fit aggregation of Census Output Areas, the Data Zone has been modified to correct for this (unless it is due to the inclusion of islands);
  • Where possible, merges have occurred within Intermediate Zones' boundaries;

The reasons for taking this approach are:

  • Exact 2011 Population Census results are available on the 2011 Data Zones
  • The methodology is consistent with that used when Data Zones were first created;
  • Data Zones will once again have roughly standard populations;
  • Aggregations of Data Zones can be used to produce a comparable area over time;
  • Minimal changes will be made to Intermediate Zones.


Email: Victoria Kinnear - Lachhab

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