Consultation regarding the redraw of Data Zones

This consultation contains proposals for the redraw of Data Zones

12. Intermediate Zones

12.1. Intermediate Zones (sometimes called Intermediate Geographies) are similar to Data Zones and share many of the same traits and problems. The key difference is their size: Intermediate Zones have a population of around 4,000 and are built up from Data Zones. Intermediate Zones tend to be used when the statistics are too sensitive at Data Zone level. The larger populations of Intermediate Zones mean that statistics published on them are less likely to require disclosure control.

12.2. Intermediate Zones will continue to be aggregates of Data Zones and the approach taken with Data Zones will determine the approach to be taken with Intermediate Zones. The population ranges that Intermediate Zones should conform to will remain between 2,500 and 6,000.

12.3. Due to Data Zones being proposed in draft format, best fit Intermediate Zones have been created. Intermediate Zones will be named and finalised after this consultation. Best fit Intermediate Zones can be viewed along with the proposed Data Zones through the consultation web mapping service.

12.4. Consultation Question:

Are you content with the proposed best fit Intermediate Zones?

If changes occur to the proposed 2011 Data Zones post consultation, these changes will be reflected in the Intermediate Zones.


Email: Victoria Kinnear - Lachhab

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