Consultation regarding the redraw of Data Zones

This consultation contains proposals for the redraw of Data Zones

13. Data Zone Codes

13.1. 2011 Data Zones will continue to use the S01 standard code, but all Data Zones will be given new codes starting at S01006506. Users should note that the S0 codes will not be assigned until after the consultation is complete to allow for possible changes to draft Data Zones. In the meantime, temporary codes have been assigned using the format 'DZ000000'. The codes are grouped together so that all Data Zones within a Local Authority will have consecutive codes. A look-up table is provided using the temporary codes so that users can map 2001 Data Zones to 2011 Data Zones.

13.2. The current coding system for Data Zones is a 9-character code of the format ANNNNNNNN (A=letter, N=number), where the first three characters represent the geography type (here S01 indicates Data Zone).

13.3. After the consultation is complete Data Zones without names will be named after the Intermediate Zone that they fall within, using the naming convention IZ name - 01, IZ name - 02, etc. A look-up table is provided so that users can map 2001 Data Zones names to draft 2011 Data Zones. (Data Zones previously named will have names transferred to 2011 Data Zones once finalised.)

13.4. Data Zone codes will be allocated after this consultation once Data Zone boundaries have been finalised.


Email: Victoria Kinnear - Lachhab

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