Becoming a Fair Work nation: consultation

This consultation seeks views on achieving this vision and ensuring Fair Work remains at the heart of our labour market interventions, particularly in the context of COVID-19 and EU Exit, by identifying the relevant challenges and opportunities for Fair Work across the Scottish economy.

Beyond 2025

2025 is a milestone for Fair Work, not the end point and we will continue to benchmark our progress against other Fair Work and wellbeing economy focused nations. Our labour market and workplaces will continue to evolve due to internal and external factors and it will be vital for employers, workers, government and others to continue to engage to respond to these. A continuing partnership approach between government, employers, workers and unions will be required to ensure collective leadership and action to keep Fair Work at the heart of our inclusive economy and our just transition to net-zero.

In delivering the new National Strategy for Economic Transformation, we will continue to focus on Fair Work, to ensure we create a society that is thriving across economic, social and environmental dimensions. We must seize Scotland’s potential and build an economy for everyone by delivering greater, greener and fairer prosperity. Getting this right will combat poverty, will lead to better health and social outcomes, and will generate the public revenue to invest in the best possible public services. Putting Fair Work and wellbeing at the heart of our economy is not just morally the right thing to do, it also unlocks creativity and confidence which helps employers attract talent to Scotland, innovate and grow, making them and the country more attractive and globally competitive.



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