Police Negotiating Board for Scotland: constitution

The Police Negotiating Board for Scotland (PNBS) is a public body that negotiates the pay, terms and conditions of Police Officers in Scotland, through collective bargaining. The constitution sets out how the PNBS will reach agreements, or if failing to agree, how conciliation and/or arbitration is carried out.

The Functions of the Board

4. The Board will have such functions as may be given to it by statute. For the time being these include the functions mentioned in paragraphs 5 to 7.

5. The Board may consider and make representations to the Scottish Ministers on the following matters relating to police constables (other than special constables) and police cadets, all in accordance with sections 55B(1) and 55C(1) of the 2012 Act:

(a) draft regulations;

(b) draft determinations;

(c) pay, allowances and expenses;

(d) public holidays and leave;

(e) hours of duty;

(f) governance, administration and conditions of service.

6. Under section 55B(3) of the 2012 Act the Scottish Ministers may, after consulting the Chairperson, require the Board to make representations relating to the matters set out in section 55B(1) of the 2012 Act.

7. The Board may consider and respond when consulted in relation to regulations about police pensions under section 1 of the Police Pensions Act 1976. These regulations relate to the Police Pension Scheme 1987 and the Police Pension Scheme 2006.


Email: police_division_hub_mailbox@gov.scot

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