Community ownership in Scotland 2019

Annual publication showing the extent of community ownership in Scotland.

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Assets in Community Ownership by Asset Size, 2019

Four assets comprise 58% of the land area in community ownership
Bar chart: assets by area in hectares from zero up to over 20,000 and where unknown

The data for this chart is available in Table 6 of the Tables and Charts supporting document.

Assets one hectare or less in size: 39%

More than half of the land in community ownership is comprised of four assets, each greater than 20,000 hectares.

By contrast 39% of assets have an area of one hectare or less, with a combined area of less than 0.1% of the total area. This reflects that most of the land area in community ownership has been acquired in the form of whole estates.

The assets with the area recorded as zero are likely to be where the area is small, e.g. a building. No area figure available means a figure has not been found; it may not necessarily be small.



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