Community ownership in Scotland 2019

Annual publication showing the extent of community ownership in Scotland.

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Assets in Community Ownership by Length of Ownership, 2019

Over half of assets have been owned for 10 years or less

Bar chart: assets by number of years owned from less than one year up to over 25 years and unknown

Length of ownership is calculated using the year an asset was transferred to community ownership. Should a transfer date later come to be known or changed from its current value, the data will be revised.

The data for this chart is available in Table 4 of the Tables and Charts supporting document.

New assets in community ownership in 2019 : 28

Of the community owned assets in 2019, 313 were acquired in the last ten years, with 21 (4%) acquired more than 25 years ago. Just over a quarter of assets were acquired between one and five years ago, with 5% acquired in the last year.

There were 24 assets (4%) where the year of ownership is unknown or currently unavailable. It is likely that these are longstanding community owned assets as it is more difficult to find the year of ownership for older records.



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