Community ownership in Scotland 2019

Annual publication showing the extent of community ownership in Scotland.

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Community Groups Owning Assets, 2000 to 2019

Almost sixfold increase in community groups owning assets since 2000
Line chart: increase in groups from 71 in 2000 to 418 in 2019; labels when community ownership legislation came into force

Note the chart does not indicate the number of groups which owned assets during this period. Community groups are excluded where, as of 2019, they no longer own any assets.

The data for this chart is available in Table 2 of the Tables and Charts supporting document.

Number of community groups in 2019: 418

The number of groups who owned assets in 2019 was 418, compared to 71 owning assets since 2000 or earlier.

This trend is similar to that of the number of assets with a steady increase observed from 2000, reflecting that most groups own only one asset.

There are 89 groups which owned more than one asset; the most assets owned by a single group was 13. The local authorities with the most community groups are Highland (106, 25%) and Argyll and Bute (52, 12%).



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