Community Justice Performance Framework

This Framework is published under s18(4)(a) of the Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016, and replaces the Outcomes, Improvement and Performance Framework. Community justice partners will use the framework’s nationally determined outcomes and indicators to support local planning and reporting.

The Nationally Determined Outcomes

There are 9 nationally determined outcomes in the CJPF, aligned to the priority actions in the strategy. The content of the strategy was informed by consultation and significant engagement with a wide range of partners, and in turn complements the Scottish Government's Vision for Justice in Scotland published in 2022.

Each local area should work to achieve or maintain the achievement of the nationally determined outcomes.

The nationally determined outcomes are an articulation of what success looks likes for the system but are ultimately in place to improve outcomes for people and communities. They were developed to meet the following criteria:

  • simple, specific, and within the sphere of influence of community justice partners
  • framed as desired changes and improvements
  • clear in terms of what direction we are aiming for - for example, 'less of' or 'more of'
  • fundamental to meeting the aims of the strategy
  • evidence-based
  • standardised and quantifiable



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