Community Justice Performance Framework

This Framework is published under s18(4)(a) of the Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016, and replaces the Outcomes, Improvement and Performance Framework. Community justice partners will use the framework’s nationally determined outcomes and indicators to support local planning and reporting.

Who is the CJPF for?

The CJPF is to be used by statutory community justice partners acting jointly at a local level (referred to as 'community justice partnerships' in this document) and by Community Justice Scotland, and is published by the Scottish Government, as set out below.

Community justice partnerships:

Community justice partnerships should use the nationally determined outcomes and national indicators in the CJPF to support their local planning and reporting cycles.

The Act requires community justice partners for the area of a local authority to publish a Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plan (CJOIP), setting out which nationally determined outcomes are a priority for action and planned actions required to achieve or maintain the nationally determined outcomes, and any other locally determined outcomes. Community justice partners for each local area are also required to publish an annual report on progress towards achieving the outcomes.

It is the collective responsibility of statutory partners to ensure the achievement of community justice outcomes, and the legislative requirements within the Act. It is therefore critical that partners work together and have established lines of leadership, and publish CJOIPs, annual reports and participation statements to support the achievement of the strategic aims and outcomes.

Community Justice Scotland:

Community Justice Scotland uses the nationally determined outcomes and national indicators in the CJPF, and draws on local evidence as outlined in its improvement tool, to monitor, promote and support improvement in performance in the provision of community justice across Scotland and in its annual reporting cycle.

In relation to performance in Scotland as a whole, Community Justice Scotland publishes the Community Justice Outcome Activity Annual Report, reflecting national progress in community justice, using the outcomes and indicators as set out in the CJPF.

Scottish Government:

The CJPF, including the publication of any revisions to it, is the responsibility of the Scottish Ministers.



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