Welfare of cattle: code of practice

The aim of the code is to help those responsible for cattle to look after them properly.

Appendix B

Useful publications related to cattle welfare

PB No. Title
0409 Code of Practice - the welfare of animals in livestock markets
1147 Emergencies on livestock farms
1151 Lameness in beef cattle and dairy followers
1381 Guidance on the transport of casualty farm animals
3335 Improving calf survival
3478 Welfare of red-meat animals at slaughter - stunning and sticking:
a pocket guide
3575 Assessment of practical experience in the handling, transport and care of animals: guide to employers
3766 Guidance on the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997
4020 Lameness in dairy cattle
4192 Identification of injurious weeds
4516 TB in Cattle - reducing the risk
4661 Treatment and prevention of mastitis in dairy cows
6491 Condition scoring of beef suckler cows and heifers
6492 Condition scoring of dairy cows
7189 The Weeds Act 1959 - Preventing the spread of harmful weeds
7190 The Weeds Act 1959 - Guidance note on the methods that can be used to control harmful weeds
9326 Farm Fires - Protecting farm animal welfare
11380 Biosecurity and preventing disease
13688 Controls on animal by-products
13550 Welfare of animals during transport

You can get copies of all these publications, free of charge, from:

Defra Publications
' defra.library@defra.gsi.gov.uk'
Telephone: 020 7238 6575

These publications are updated regularly. For more information on the most current versions and new publications, please contact the Defra helpline on 08459 335577.


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