Civil justice statistics in Scotland: 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 civil justice statistics in Scotland release includes main statistics tables, figures and supplementary statistics tables.

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A specialist lawyer who can represent clients in the senior courts, as opposed to a solicitor (although there is now a third category of lawyers known as “solicitor-advocates”). Advocates are similar to barristers in England and Wales.

Ancillary crave
Any second and subsequent legal remedies requested by the pursuer / petitioner, as stated in the initial writ / summons.

Another term for an advocate or solicitor-advocate.

The order of the judge or sheriff disposing of a case.

Defender / respondent
The person or body against whom a case is raised.

Completion of a case following the issuing of a final judgment.

Initial writ / summons
A form of document used to commence some court cases.

The registration of a case with the court.

Principal crave
The first legal remedy requested by the pursuer / petitioner, as stated in the initial writ / summons, etc.

Pursuer / petitioner
The person or body who is raising the court case. In simple procedure cases, the pursuer is known as the claimant.

Reclaiming motion
Appeals from the Outer House of the Court of Session, which are raised in the Inner House.

Cases that have been suspended. Known as pause in simple procedure.

Summary Application
Form of application in the sheriff court for a variety of statutory applications, including certain kinds of statutory appeal to the sheriff as distinct from an initial writ, small claims or summary cause.



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