Civil justice statistics in Scotland: 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 civil justice statistics in Scotland release includes main statistics tables, figures and supplementary statistics tables.

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Table A4: Count of craves on Divorce/ Dissolution cases initiated in the sheriff courts, 2018-19

Crave Count Crave Count
Divorce 9,441 Periodical Allowance 40
Other 337 Exclusion order  36
Capital Sum 215 Power of Arrest 29
Expenses 199 Interim Interdict  27
Division and Sale 175 Interim aliment 16
Interdict  156 Declarator 14
Residence of child 120 Delivery of child 10
Transfer of Property 108 Non-Harassment Order 9
Payment of money 103 Parental responsibilities and rights 4
Pension Sharing Order 96 Delivery of moveable goods 3
Intimation to interested party 70 Occupancy Rights 2
Dissolution 67 Financial Intervention Order 1
Contact 52    
Aliment 48 Total craves count 11,426
Incidental Order 48 Total writs1 9,508

1. Total writs do not equal to total divorce/dissolution cases in Table 7 due to the craves data being extracted at a later date.

Since data comes from a 'live' case management system data extracted on different dates maybe subject to change.



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