Children's Social Work Statistics, Scotland 2020-21

Children's Social Work Statistics for Scotland for 2020 to 2021, including data on children and young people looked after, on the child protection register and in secure care accommodation.

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Summary Infographic

This shows the number of children looked after and the children on the child protection register. As at 31 July 2021:

  • 14,946 children in Scotland were Looked After or on the Child Protection Register, representing 1.5% of Scotland’s under 18 population. The icons of boys and girls reflect a visual depiction 1.5% of Scotland’s population as being looked after or on the child protection register.
  • 13,255 children and young people were looked after.
  • 2,104 children were on the child protection register.
  • 413 children were both looked after and on the child protection register.

Compared with 2020 there was:

  • 8% decrease in the number of Looked After Children
  • 20% decrease in the number of children on the Child Protection Register

This illustration also shows that 76 children, on average, were in secure care accommodation. Compared with 2020, 6 fewer young people, on average, resided in Secure Care Accommodation.



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