Centre for Housing Market Analysis: list of guidance

List of Centre for Housing Market Analysis (CHMA) guidance documents.

The Centre for Housing Market Analysis (CHMA) provides support to local authorities and others to aid the strategic planning of housing in Scotland. 

Core CHMA guidance and supporting material is listed below:

Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA tool)  

HNDA manager's guide 2020

HNDA practitioner's guide 2020

HNDA tool 2020 version 4.0

HNDA tool instructions 2020

HNDA modelling mortgage impacts: guidance

Concealed and overcrowded households 2020: methodology note

HNDA manager's guide 2018

HNDA practitioner's guide 2018

HNDA tool version 3.3

HNDA tool instructions 2018

Key findings template

Specialist provision evidence finder

SPP diagram

HNDA tool diagram

Housing planning framework diagram

Housing planning process diagram

HNDA alignment flow diagram

Local Housing System Analysis (LHSA)

LHSA Introduction

The housing system

The economy and local housing systems

Demography and local housing systems

Housing supply

Housing needs assessment and LHSA

Initials and acronyms

Income data

Containment-based housing example

Defining housing market areas

Administrative and statistical geographical boundaries

Describing housing supply

Working with social rented data

Housing list analysis: Stirling case study

North Lanarkshire's baseline monitoring report

Local level income estimates

Local level household income estimates collection

Good practice examples

The CHMA is keen to share examples of good practice by our stakeholders which you will find in the archive. Any views expressed in the the good practice listed are the author's views and are not those of of the Scottish Government or the CHMA.


CHMA pages on the old (now archived) Scottish Government website



Murdo MacPherson
Head of Housing Market Analysis
0131 244 0803

Charles Brown
Senior Assistant Statistician
0131 244 0870

Email: chma@gov.scot

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