Local level household income estimates

Local level household income estimates and income distribution data.


These publications present local level household income estimates for the primary purpose of assessing housing affordability and housing need.  They are synthetic income modelling estimates that are derived from data across several surveys.  They were produced for the Scottish Government by Heriot-Watt University and the David-Simmonds Consultancy.

The income estimates presented relate to gross household income, which covers total income received by all adult members of a household, including welfare benefits, tax credits and housing benefit. The estimates reflect total income before any deductions are taken off for income tax, national insurance contributions and council tax etc.

Local gross household income data allows household income levels to be compared to other data on house prices and rental costs to ascertain levels of housing affordability across particular geographic areas.

The figures presented are synthetic modelled estimates, in which data on income and household characteristics from a national survey (the Scottish Household Survey) has been combined with associated local area level data. The estimates generated for a given local area level are therefore the expected levels of income in that area based on the household characteristics as measured by the associated local level data, and are NOT aggregations of actual income data at a local.

The estimates are research findings and not Official or National Statistics.

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