Census public engagement campaign 2022 – extension activity (April to May 2022): evaluation report

An overview of the Scotland's Census 2022 public engagement campaign extension (April to May 2022), including independent evaluation results.

8. Evaluation

  • Method and sample

The main evaluation took the form of a quantitative post campaign survey, conducted face-to-face using CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing). The sample consisted of 679 adults 16+, with a nationally representative sample (quotas set for age, gender and SEG) of 529 and boost samples as follows:

  • Residents of Glasgow: 50
  • Socio-economic group DE: 50
  • Young independents (aged 16-24 and living independently): 50.

The total data set was weighted to national figures (by age, SEG and region), to be representative of the Scottish population.

Fieldwork took place from 24 May to 15 June 2022.

  • Key results

The following provides results for the extension phase against the SMART objectives set at the outset of the original phase of activity. Other key results are outlined in the 'Overview of results' section.

It should be noted that the evaluation research used different methods with the main pre/post evaluation carried out predominantly online due to Covid restrictions. Therefore direct comparison should be treated with caution.

  Original Campaign  
SMART objective Pre wave Target set Achieved Post wave Notes Achieved after Extension activity
Fieldwork dates 19 Jan – 1 Feb   22 March – 13 April   24 May – 15 June 2022
Awareness of the census marketing campaign or other support activity n/a 67% 75% Target exceeded 81%
Know you should fill in your census questionnaire as soon as you receive your letter about 61%


(+10 pp)


(+15 pp)

Target exceeded n/a
Know you should fill the census in online if you are able 32%


(+20 pp)


(+53 pp)

Target exceeded 92%
Know filling the census in is a legal responsibility 66%


(+10 pp)


(+15 pp)

Target exceeded 90%
Agree that the information collected by the census impacts decisions about services available to me and my community 62%


(+7 pp)


(-7 pp)

Campaign recognisers = 60% (-2)


(Campaign recognisers = 80%)

Agree that filling in the census can influence the things that matter to me 49%


(+7 pp)


(-5 pp)

Campaign recognisers = 50% (+1)


(Campaign recognisers = 76%)

Can name a benefit in completing the census 82%


(+7 pp)


(-4 pp)

Campaign recognisers = 83% (+1)


(Campaign recognisers = 83%)

Reported action as a result of the campaign among recognisers n/a 50% 57% Target exceeded


(51% said 'nothing – they had completed before they saw the advertising')

pp = percentage point increase from pre to post


Email: Nicola.Clark-Tonberg@gov.scot

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