Census public engagement campaign 2022 – extension activity (April to May 2022): evaluation report

An overview of the Scotland's Census 2022 public engagement campaign extension (April to May 2022), including independent evaluation results.


1. Research was required to understand the reasons why people who have not completed the census have not yet done so. This was a small-scale qualitative project carried out by Progressive Partnership Ltd to provide an indication of the range of reasons for this and does not provide a quantification of the reasons. It is based on 29 mini-depth interviews carried out 3-5 May 2022 with people who had not yet completed the census at the time of recruitment (28 April – 3 May). Participants were free-found by recruiters across Scotland. The profile of the sample was as follows: More women than men (17/12); mainly lower socio-economic groups (14 DE, 7 C2 and 8 ABC1); younger: 12 under 35, 10 aged 35-44 and 7 aged 45+; 24 white Scottish/British and 5 minority ethnic respondents.

2. For the most part these findings were subsequently validated by a data collection exercise carried out by the NRS field force from 26 to 31 May 2022 as they continued to support householders to complete their census form: summary-of-door-step-data-collection-reasons-for-not-responding-yet.pdf (scotlandscensus.gov.uk)

3. Groups examined as part of this research include: DEs, Young Independents, Parents of 0-5s, 65+, those with a disability and those living in Glasgow.


Email: Nicola.Clark-Tonberg@gov.scot

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