Zambia Non-Communicable Diseases Programme: call for proposals

This is a call for proposals and application form aimed at organisations who would like to deliver a grant for the International Development Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Health Programme in in Zambia on behalf of the Scottish Government. The deadline for applications is 5 July 2024.

Criteria for Grant Holder

A comprehensive list of essential eligibility criteria for the grant holder for the International Health Development Programme Zambia is outlined in Annex A. The grant holder is required to demonstrate the necessary skills, experience, and resources to undertake the design, delivery and evaluation of the programme. The grant holder must demonstrate:

1. Proven technical and project management experience in the design and delivery of health training facilities.

2. Strong understanding of the structure of health systems and specific health priorities, strategies and policies in Zambia.

3. Relevant stakeholder networks and delivery experience in Zambia.

4. Strong programme management expertise in the context of development health programming.

5. Strong understanding of and ability to deliver programme in line with SG ID Principles.

6. Strong financial management and due diligence systems for the procurement of goods and services to support the delivery of training facilities in Zambia.

7. Ability to facilitate and manage inward secondment into the Zambian MoH.

8. Specific expertise on gender mainstreaming, conflict sensitivity and power equalisation.

9. Proven experience in developing Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning frameworks for a NCD Health Programme.

10. Ability to produce accessible and effective communications, in all formats and to a range of technical and non-technical audiences nationally and internationally.

11. Evidence of experience in safeguarding and working with and engaging marginalised communities. The grant holder will have responsibility for ensuring safeguarding throughout the programme.



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