Zambia Non-Communicable Diseases Programme: call for proposals

This is a call for proposals and application form aimed at organisations who would like to deliver a grant for the International Development Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Health Programme in in Zambia on behalf of the Scottish Government. The deadline for applications is 5 July 2024.

Grant Value

The overall Grant available will be up to £275,000 per annum for an initial period of 3 years, with the potential to extend by a further two years, subject to review from the SG and Government of Zambia, and the annual enactment of the Budget (Scotland) Bill for each of those financial years. If the project is extended the partner and Scottish government may look to add further training facilities. Over the Grant period, most of the successful grant holder’s time should be allocated to the design and management of the programme.

Administration fees will be negotiated and must cover liability for all costs including staff costs, attendance at meetings, equipment, access to data, any reimbursement of participants, travel and subsistence, overheads, and participation in any dissemination of the outputs that is envisaged.



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