Calculating carbon savings from wind farms on Scottish peat lands: a new approach

This approach was developed to calculate the impact of wind farm developments on the soil carbon stocks held in peats. It provides a transparent and easy to follow method for estimating the impacts of wind farms on the carbon dynamics of peat lands.

4. General Approach

The SNH guidance document ( SNH, 2003) was reviewed and the method used for estimating C savings was revised. This has entailed a literature review of relevant research and studies relevant to Scottish peat lands. The review has highlighted gaps in our knowledge and has determined where knowledge has improved since the SNH guidance document was published in 2003.

A revised C payback calculation was formulated in a clear and transparent manner (along with accompanying explanatory notes) which takes into account medium to long term impacts of wind farm developments on peat lands. This method is a spreadsheet that is driven by input data which are specific to each site.



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