Calculating carbon savings from wind farms on Scottish peat lands: a new approach

This approach was developed to calculate the impact of wind farm developments on the soil carbon stocks held in peats. It provides a transparent and easy to follow method for estimating the impacts of wind farms on the carbon dynamics of peat lands.

3. Objectives

The objectives of this project were to:

  • Critically assess the SNH guidance document (Windfarms & Carbon Savings, Technical Guidance Note; 2003) and highlight areas of uncertainty.
  • Model the impacts of installation and operation of wind farms on peat soils taking into account the wider potential impacts on peat land hydrology and decomposition of organic matter.
  • Produce a revised estimate of potential greenhouse gas ( GHG) emissions and the time taken to start seeing C savings if energy is generated by wind turbines rather that by fossil fuels.
  • Produce a concise technical method which is transparent and easy to follow for estimating the impacts of wind farms on C dynamics on peat land soils and the wider C life cycle aspects.
  • Organise a workshop to explain the methodology and approach used in producing the new method and respond to concerns or questions raised by stakeholders.



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