Building community wealth: consultation

The Programme for Government 2022-23 outlined that we will hold a consultation on community wealth building legislation. We welcome a wide range of views on the changes that are required to grow local wealth and give communities a greater stake in the economy.


1. Scotland's National Strategy for Economic Transformation

2. Co-operative Development Scotland: Blog

3. Democracy Collaborative: Community Wealth Building - What Next

4. How we built Community Wealth: Preston

5. The role of anchor organisations is highlighted within the Population Strategy 'A Scotland for the Future' which includes commitments to ensure that Scotland's population is more balanced across the country, meaning changes may be required to support attraction and retention of people in those areas of the country that are facing a declining population. A Scotland for the future: Opportunities and challenges of Scotland's changing population

6. A just transition is both the outcome – a fairer, greener future for all – and the process that must be undertaken in partnership with those impacted by the transition to net zero. Just transition is how we get to a net zero and climate resilient economy, in a way that delivers fairness and tackles inequality and injustice.

7. Annex A provides an overview of this activity

8. Covid Recovery Strategy: For a fairer future

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10. See more examples employee owned and cooperative business models Co-operative Development Scotland: Blog

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18. As a starter, we would propose the organisations which are covered by the Fairer Scotland Duty: Fairer Scotland Duty: guidance for public bodies

19. These are documents which commit selected local and regional anchor organisations, predominantly public sector, to specific pledges across the CWB pillars.

20. Place Principle: introduction

21. For examples of spending pillar activity see the CWB Guide: link to be inserted following publication

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30. They are defined in the Procurement Reform Act as: a community benefit requirement is a contractual requirement imposed by a contracting authority

(a) relating to:

(i) training and recruitment, or

(ii) the availability of sub-contracting opportunities, or

(b) which is otherwise intended to improve the economic, social or environmental wellbeing of the authority's area in a way additional to the main purpose of the contract in which the requirement is included.

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35. For examples of workforce pillar activity see the EDAS: CWB Guide and the Refreshed Fair Work Action Plan: Fair Work action plan: becoming a leading Fair Work nation by 2025

36. Find our more information here: Fair Work Convention

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52. For examples of inclusive ownership pillar activity see the EDAS: CWB Guide

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54. Figures from November 2022

55. YE Scotland: Young people developing businesses with a social and/or environmental purpose

56. Business Purpose Commission

57. The 'Marcora Law' is named after an Italian law introduced in 1985 and gives workers support to organise a co-operative buyout or rescue when a business is up for sale or under threat. The Marcora Law legislates for the state to utilise specific powers to redirect welfare expenditure towards worker buy-outs – specifically, via a fund which invests in the share capital of a 'phoenix' co-operative, matching up to three times what the employees invest, by capitalising up to three years' unemployment benefit. The employees forgo the right to unemployment benefit during that period, should the co-operative fail. With powers over welfare expenditure, employment, and industrial relations not within the devolved competence of the Scottish Government, the Marcora Law is not directly replicable in the Scottish context. (Source: Owning the workplace, securing the future )

58. For examples of finance pillar activity see the EDAS: CWB Guide

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61. Further examples are available here: insert links to CWB Guide

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