Unemployment is at record low levels but there are still people and groups who find it difficult to find and keep a job. This may be because of personal circumstances like caring commitments, health conditions or disabilities. 

We are committed to investing in employability services and making sure everyone who wants it can get support to fulfil their potential in the labour market. This will help to improve lives, reduce poverty and inequality, and transform Scotland’s economy.  


We are helping people facing challenges finding work by: 

  • providing practical support and advice through the Fair Start Scotland national employment service 

We are building on the success of Fair Start Scotland, by making improvements to the employability system. These are set out in our No one left behind plan and involve:  

  • transforming the way employability services are funded and delivered by moving to a flexible, localised model with better join-up with other services like health and housing 


Fair Start Scotland is Scotland’s employment support service. It is delivered by public, private and third sector providers across nine geographical areas. 

Our 2018 plan No one left behind: next steps for employment support in Scotland set out our vision for a simpler, more joined-up employability system. We published No one left behind: delivery plan in 2020 which set out the next phase of work. 

We are working with local councils and delivery partners through a partnership working agreement to progress these plans. 

We publish statistics on employment services every quarter. 

See our vision for employment in Scotland.

If you are an employer or someone looking for work, you can find out more about employability services at the Employability in Scotland website. 


Bills and legislation

The Scotland Act (2016) transferred new powers to Scotland to provide employment support for disabled people and those at risk of long-term unemployment. The changes took effect in April 2017.  


Email: nooneleftbehind@gov.scot 

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