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Brexit: protecting what matters - what's at stake for individuals in the Brexit talks

Published: 29 Mar 2018
External Affairs Directorate
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Brexit, Economy, International

This report looks at the key issues for individuals as a result of the UK decision to leave the EU.

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32 page PDF

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Brexit: protecting what matters - what's at stake for individuals in the Brexit talks

32 page PDF

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Brexit will have huge implications, not only for businesses, but for us all as individuals - our prospects, quality of life, families, communities and wider world.

The Scottish Government is determined to give a voice to individuals all of whom have so much at stake. More of these are captured at If you would like to add your story or perspective as to what's at stake for you, please get in touch with us at

The Scottish Government believes that, for all of the issues covered here, the best way forward, if we are made to leave the EU, is to stay in the single market, customs union and related areas of close cooperation with the EU. We are taking every opportunity to make that case with the UK Government and others.

As we move into the next phase of the negotiations, we will continue to press the UK Government to shape the future EU- UK relationship in a way that protects Scottish citizens' interests and rights. That is why the Scottish Government will play as full and constructive a role as possible in securing such an outcome.

Whatever approach the UK Government finally chooses to adopt, it needs to demonstrate how it will in practice deliver, amongst other things:

  • The least possible hit to jobs and living standards;
  • Permanent employment rights such as maternity and parental leave;
  • Ready access to jobs and study opportunities at home and in the EU;
  • Protection of our current rights as EU citizens e.g. as consumers;
  • Enough EU staff to continue to provide key public services, such as NHS and social care;
  • The kind of standards e.g. on food quality, product safety and the environment - we now, rightly, take for granted;
  • Inexpensive travel across the EU - and free medical care;
  • Access to the European sports stars, musicians and neighbours who enrich our lives;
  • Peace of mind for the many families whose future seems no longer secure;
  • Effective means of cooperating with our European partners to keep our communities safe from international crime;
  • Straightforward means for our scientists to play a full part in helping make the world a better place, for example tackling cancer and climate change; and
  • Diverse, welcoming and outward-looking communities.

Meanwhile we are not waiting idly by for the UK Government to make up its mind. This document sets out briefly a few of the many ways we are already active. Working with others, we are determined to ensure that, whatever form Brexit finally takes, we do all that is in our power to protect the interests of the individuals who make up the people of Scotland.