Brexit: protecting what matters - what's at stake for individuals in the Brexit talks

This report looks at the key issues for individuals as a result of the UK decision to leave the EU.


Brexit: protecting what matters

Brexit is hugely complex. Sometimes it feels like the more that is written about it, the less clear it becomes.

The Scottish Government is therefore committed to providing as much clarity as possible about the consequences of Brexit, and how we can protect people in Scotland as much as we can.

In line with the majority of people who live here, the Scottish Government, supports continued EU membership.

But if Brexit is to happen we have consistently argued that we must retain our place in the Single Market and Customs Union.

In Scotland's Place in Europe: People, Jobs and Investment, we set out the economic consequences of a hard Brexit and how staying in the Single Market could both limit the damage and offer opportunities in the future.

In Brexit: what's at stake for businesses we looked in straightforward terms at the key issues for businesses. We set out what companies were saying to us, in their own words.

With a year to go before the UK is due to leave the EU, we are today setting out what individuals and families are saying to us about what's at stake for them, in their own words.

Those quoted, or featured at more length, come from a range of backgrounds. We are grateful to the participants and the organisations listed at Annex A for providing the opportunities to have these conversations.

People in Scotland will have a variety of views on Brexit, of course, although a clear majority voted to remain. This is not a scientific study but rather a demonstration of the real concerns expressed to us about the consequences of leaving the EU which have to be addressed.

From the conversations, it is clear that Brexit will in particular impact on:

  • My Prospects: Being able to find good and secure job opportunities at home, and to study and work abroad
  • My Quality Of Life: Being able to enjoy a high quality of life where our rights are protected
  • My Family: Being able to stay together, feel welcome and settled where we live
  • My Community: Being able to live in communities which are safe, green, inclusive and prosperous
  • My World: Being able to play our part in tackling global issues

These voices and concerns must not be ignored. Negotiations will soon be underway to determine the future relationship between the UK and the EU. The Scottish Government will be doing all we can to make sure that Scotland's voice is heard in these negotiations and that our interests are protected.

That also means being positive about our ongoing commitment to Europe and its contribution to our shared goals.

In the face of the UK Government's determination to leave the EU, we will not sit back. We set out here some of the things we are doing and intend to do to protect the interests of every individual living in Scotland.


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