A Blue Economy Vision for Scotland

Sets out our long-term ambition for Scotland’s blue economy to 2045. It demonstrates how much we value our marine environment and its significance. This is captured in six outcomes sitting across a range of environmental, social and economic ambitions.

2. Vision

This document sets our vision for Scotland’s blue economy. Drawing on the latest evidence, it builds on our current direction of travel and identifies six outcomes up to 2045 (summarised by theme below) that will deliver our long term aspirations for the marine environment. At its core, our vision

recognises that economic prosperity and well-being are embedded within nature, and in order to harness blue opportunities, we must transform our economy and society to thrive within the planet’s sustainable limits. The blue economy extends the Scottish Government Environment Strategy vision of “One Earth. One Home. One Shared Future” to include ‘One Ocean’:

Scotland’s Blue Economy Vision. By 2045 Scotland’s shared stewardship of our marine environment supports ecosystem health, improved livelihoods, economic prosperity, social inclusion and wellbeing.

Environment - Scotland’s marine, and inter-linked freshwater and coastal environments are restored, adapted and resilient to climate change and sustainably managed to achieve good environmental status.

Social - Our blue economy is managed to ensure fairer, healthier, happier communities across Scotland, with equal access to the benefits from marine resources. All of Scotland’s population is aware of and engaged with their fantastic marine and freshwater resources, and they value the part it plays in their lives. We have improved governance and transparency and a shared stewardship of our blue economy.

Economic - A healthy marine environment is enabling innovative blue sectors. Blue sectors are resource efficient, internationally competitive and operating to meet net zero and nature-positive commitments, supported by a skilled workforce that is inclusive, diverse, and fair, reflecting our commitment to equality and human rights.


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